Quickshelf Shelving System










  • "I am so glad that I found your website! It is a shame that your product is not sold in the big chains like Lowe's and Home Depot. In my opinion there is no better storage system. My Dad used this type of shelving setup 35 years ago and I still have some of it. Everybody always comments on it and thinks it is ingenious. I am not sure where he found the hooks back then but it is great - easy to setup, sturdy, and movable. I have not been able to find the hooks anywhere until now."
    Bill Starr
  • "I purchased your 24 inch shelf system for storage in the basement of my new home and I couldn't be happier! I was able to install a quantity of three rows each of 24 inch shelving in under an hour. Not only was it easy to install but I was able to do it at a fraction of the cost compared to just about any other method. I was so pleased with the product that I purchased shelves for my garage and utility room. I would recommend this product to anyone."
    Paul Puletti
  • "Your product is just right for my storage unit on our boat dock. keeps everything up off the floor and away from periodic high water. plus it is easy to install; very functional for storing all types, sizes and weights of items; attractive; and very flexible to change spacing between levels whenever needed. a brilliant invention!!!"
    James Burckhalter
  • "I'm glad to be able to give your product and company an 'A' in my book! I found you with a shelving search...Oh, LUCKY me. The ability to redesign the configuration with ease impressed me, so I purchased several different sizes to organize many home and work projects. I ended up using my Quick-Shelf hangers, with finished wood, as bookcases inside my home! A little metal polish, small spot-lights, and I now enjoy beautiful modern styled shelving. Everyone asks where I got them. I'm sure most of your hangers are used in garages or warehousing applications, but with very little effort , Quick-Shelf hangers make great indoor shelving too! Last but not least...the incredible pricing can't be beat! Thank You!!"
    Ed McMillan
  • "I made a pantry using quckshelf ceiling hangers and melamine. Best shelving I have ever purchased!! So easy to install and best prices. Brackets are EXPENSIVE and don’t hold much…Quickshelf system is perfect. Getting ready to buy more for my business! Thanks Quickshelf!"
  • "You have an excellent product. I have been telling my friends about them. To a man the reaction is the same. First, it is such a good idea and second we want to kick ourselves for not thinking of them. I admire the elegant simplicity of the hangers. THANK YOU"
    Mary Smith
  • "I love your product. This is the second home I have used your product in. My first was in St. Louis. When we sold our home, the buyer loved your system and offered us full price if we left all the shelving. What a great deal. I am a crafter and have lots of supplies. My inventory changes frequently. With your system in a matter of a few minutes I can change to meet my needs. Your ordering process was simple and flawless. Thanks again."
    M. Groves